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Dr. Cristina Galloro

Proudly born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Dr. Galloro was 1 of 12 Canadians accepted each year to James Cook University Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree in Australia. James Cook is ranked as the top dental school in the country, this competitive program enabled her to develop an unwavering work ethic. She graduated with distinction and has been awarded membership to the Golden Key International Honour Society, twice during her time in dental school. Dr. Galloro was ranked in the top 15% of the entire program. She is passionate about providing quality care and revolutionizing dentistry to enhance the patient experience. Rebranding the ‘typical dental appointment’ at Galloro Dental is done through technology, innovation, and décor; Galloro Dental clinics are contemporary yet comfortable, with highly-skilled staff. Her dentists are acclaimed for their forward-thinking that is rooted in compassion, innovation and dependability.


Dr. Francesco Galloro

Dr. Francesco Galloro was born and raised in Toronto, which is something he takes great pride in. Dr. Galloro attended James Cook University (JCU) located in Cairns Australia, which is the top ranked dental school in the country. For his intake year, he was the top candidate out of 12 Canadian international students accepted. He went on to receive a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree. Dr. Galloro chose dentistry for his career path as it mixes his passion for science, art, and patient care. The attention to detail which dentistry requires is the reason why Dr. Galloro feels as if he thrives in the industry. With a passion for advancements within dentistry, Dr. Galloro is a strong believer of using the latest technology to treat his patients. In addition to this, Dr. Galloro is very personable and always looking to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship than just the typical dentist-patient relationship. He feels having a deeper understanding of the individual allows him to provide his patients with better, patient-oriented care.

As the current state of the world is undergoing much change, Dr. Galloro realizes that providing dentistry in the future with respects to the younger generations will require some adjustments. Dr. Galloro feels like he is well equipped to handle these obstacles as he is well connected to the younger generations, having a deep understanding of what is important to them, and how their lives have been differently affected from the generations before. In short, he believes that through his actions he will set an example of what the modern dentist should be.

General Dentist

Dr. Carol Waldman

Since earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto in 1982, Dr. Waldman brings almost 40 years of experience to Galloro Dental. Her command in advanced orthodontics allows her to integrate traditional braces or Invisalign into complex reconstructive treatments to help patients achieve remarkable results. Her passion for dentistry has allowed Dr. Waldman to acquire profound knowledge and proficiency in more than just one field. She has studied with the world’s foremost cosmetic and implant dentists and now uses this extensive knowledge to teach other dentists the art of dental aesthetics and dental reconstruction. As dentistry evolves, Dr. Waldman continuously engages in ongoing education to further increase her knowledge and practical skills to benefit her patients.


DR. Sapna Patel

Dr. Patel was born and raised in the GTA before heading to the University of Detroit Mercy to pursue her DDS degree. Here she was able to spend time giving back to the community through volunteering at dental clinics in Detroit, as well as attending a volunteer trip in Dominican Republic to provide dental care to those without access. Dr. Patel’s friendly and easy-going personality makes her patients feel comfortable and relaxed while in the dental chair. She enjoys all aspects of dentistry, especially personalizing her patients’ smiles through cosmetic treatment. When she’s not in the office, you can find Dr. Patel either making art, baking goodies, or off an adventure to somewhere warm!

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