Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring™

Galloro Dental Group has partnered with Dental Monitoring to offer our patients an AI-powered resolution to help monitor your Invisalign® treatment remotely and closer than ever before!

From the comfort of home or anywhere in the world, we can now securely communicate and manage treatment with the Dental Monitoring app and Scanbox. It has never been easier to keep your treatment on track with even more convenience for you.

Benefits of Dental Monitoring

Appointments Only When Needed

Instead of routine, in-office, progress check-ups, we communicate virtually. This unique approach eliminates scheduling conflicts plus less commuting to the office!

Exceptional care, beyond the practice

Your treatment keeps progressing as we monitor your smile remotely, no matter where you are.

See your progress in real time

By using DM’s time lapse feature, you will see the progress you are making towards your perfect smile.

Security Assured Communication

Keeping your personal information secure is top priority both for us and Dental Monitoring. Their platform is HIPAA compliant.

Come Visit Our Dental Clinic — Or See Us Online!

Galloro Dental Group is also all about safety and convenience. Our newly renovated clinic meets the CDC guidelines to protect our facility, instruments, staff, and patients from exposure to the new coronavirus.

We also offer remote monitoring using a dental monitoring app. If your busy schedule prevents you from visiting us, we can virtually monitor your Invisalign treatment progress weekly, as well as treat any dental problems.

If you need the right Invisalign dentist for your orthodontic treatment, feel free to give us a call today. We will be happy to get back to you as soon as we can. Call us at Summerhill: 416-483-9600, Don Mills: 416-907-5888 or:

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